Push Ups Build Muscle Effectively

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How To Make Push-ups More Challenging

Getting back to the previous point, conventional push-ups are an effective strength and muscle builder up to a point.

And that point is where they become too easy for you to do!

When you hit this point, they are no longer challenging, and therefore not terribly effective at advancing your progress.

Of course, when this point comes depends a lot on your specific body weight.

If you weigh 300 lb push-ups will likely remain challenging for longer than if you weigh 150 lbs.

But still, the point remains that in order to make push-ups a truly effective muscle builder, you need to find ways to make them progressively more challenging.

Let’s go over the options.

Option 1: Increasing Repetitions

This is the easiest, and most common, way of making push-ups more difficult.

If you can do 10 push-ups with relative ease, then go for 15 next time.

If you can hit 20, aim for 30.

However, this method has its limits…

At a certain point, fairly early on, it is not as effective to simply increase the number of repetitions that you’re doing.

Yes, it is better than nothing – but not as good as fundamentally making each rep more challenging.

So let’s move on to the next point.

Option 2: Add Variations

When increasing repetitions no longer cuts it, one of the next things to look at is making the exercise itself more challenging.

You see, just as doing push-ups on your knees is an easier version of a regular push-up, there are several more challenging variations of the standard push-up.

These include staggered push-ups, diamond push-ups, feet elevated push-ups, single-arm push-ups, and explosive push-ups, just to name a few.

By incorporating these more challenging push-up variations as you get stronger, you’ll be able to ensure that you continue building muscle month after month.

Option 3: Add Weight

Finally, there is the option of doing your push-ups with additional weight.

Just as with most weight training exercises, the goal would be to increase the amount of weight gradually, so that you force your muscles to grow and develop.

But how do you do this with a body weight exercise?

Simple – you invest in something known as a ‘weight vest’.

These are pretty much what they sound like: a vest you wear while doing push-ups that you can gradually add weight to.

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